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I will never forget the challenges that I have faced while shopping for clothes during my late teens and into my early twenties. As many young women do, I spent a lot of my free time wandering through the mall with my friends. As we would browse through the various trendy stores, I was frequently confronted with the fact that most of these fashion outlets did not include a range of sizes and instead catered almost exclusively to sizes 2-6. My friends’ bodies fit into the mainstream size ranges, but my size 18-20 body was essentially nowhere to be found. Sure, I still had the option of three stores to shop from (maybe). Lucky me! Since online shopping had not yet caught fire, I was pretty limited. Clothing companies were not seeing the advantage of carrying clothes for ALL sizes of women and maybe this was because they simply didn’t SEE all sizes of women. Not being able to shop in mainstream stores with my friends was more than discouraging. It greatly impacted my self-esteem and I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to shop in popular stores. Thankfully, inclusive fashion has become more easily accessible. Having access to the online world of shops, sizes, and styles help in a tremendous way, but now standard brick and mortar stores have also stepped up their game. They are now starting to offer signature pieces and items that are on-trend in a range of sizes including petite, regular, plus, and even maternity. Companies that are becoming more size exclusive are giving women (at all stages of life) the fashionable edge that is so synonymous with identity, confidence, and personality. I spend a lot of time online shopping. Curled up on the couch with my dogs and a coffee in hand is a way nicer experience than meandering through the crowded malls trying to find your size on the sale rack! Online shopping also allows me to check out companies and stylists that I may not have otherwise dipped into while at the mall. I have learned that aside from some of the more well-known brands (Old Navy, JCrew, Anthropology, and Le Chateau), there are a few more clothing companies worth checking out. All of them have begun to carry a wider variety of sizes! Here are some options that you may not have realized are size inclusive: Joe Fresh This is one of my personal favorites! The clothing is stylish and affordable and they also offer accessories, footwear, and even beauty products. This brand offers online shopping as well as many locations within various grocery shopping centers. The fact that I can try on some of their trendy clothes while I grocery shop is a definite plus! Joe Fresh carries sizes XS to 3X. Although the extended line does not carry all sizes in-store, the selection is large. Another thing I love about Joe Fresh is that they always have a huge clearance rack and great coupons to get an additional discount. Check them out! LUVMEMORE I recently came across this company and I instantly fell in love with it. When you visit their website, you will notice that all of the items showcase both a straight-size model and a plus-size model wearing the item side-by-side. I cannot tell you how often I look at a piece of clothing online and feel unsure of whether it will look good on my body type (let alone if it will even fit!). Having a comparison like this is an absolute wonder! Although the plus-size models possess a more traditional body type, the website still gives you the opportunity to see how the clothes will fit if you are larger than a size 10. How refreshing! SONCY Soncy is an LA-based plus-size retailer that offers on-trend, fashion-forward pieces that ring in at under $100. While most plus-size clothing ends at a size 24, they offer up to size 30 in all of their clothing. Ladies of all sizes now have more access to style and fashion thanks to companies like these! What are you waiting for…it’s time to go shopping! Do you have any other favorite size-inclusive brands? Comment below. I would love to check them out!

Heather Hogendoorn January 2020

XOXO Heather

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