How to Refresh your Home Without Breaking the Bank.

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I love the feeling of taking down my seasonal decorations, and decluttering my home. Don’t get me wrong, I love the decor, but I also love the feeling of  decluttering, and adding a fresh look to the house

Since our renovations last year, I have been working on so many little projects, and it feels so good. I’m working on becoming more of a minimalist, and honestly I don’t have much of a choice. While I love our house, the amount of space that we have for storage and oraganization is limited. The items that I have in the house for decorating need to be ones that I love and are easy to transform from season to season. I’m working on getting rid of a lot of things just take up space or items that I have just been holding on to “incase I need it”.

While I have been working on removing items for the house, I have come up with a few simple things that can update your space without breaking the bank.

  1. Add some greenery. Whether they are real or faux, adding some greenery to your home can be a breathe of fresh air. If you seen any of my instagram stories recently, you know that I have two cats, who absolutely love flowers and greenery. Faux flowers are really the only way I can enjoy plants in my home, and I really don’t mind. Faux greenery has really come a long way, and doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. My most recent purchase was from Dollerama- see image. And the ceramic vase is a Value Village find for $2.99!
  1. Toss any old makeup. I am definitely guilty of hanging on to makeup for way to long. I bet you would surprise yourself with the amount of products that are expired, or you haven’t used because you don’t love them. Last week my bedroom was being painted, so I had to move a bunch of furniture and items into the hallway. I started going though some drawers and couldn’t believe the amount I had. I ended up cleaning out almost an entire drawer of items that I no longer need. 
  1. Declutter a room. I repeat the saying “ everything needs a home” on a daily basis. I am always struggling to keep my house tidy, but the feeling I get when there is no clutter in a room and everything is in its “home”, is an amazing feeling. I have started labelling containers in my kitchen and living room so everyone in the house knows where items go. If you have small children, you can use images instead of words. This simple step might not seem to have a great impact, but once the items all have a home, tidying up is easier, and much faster. 
XOXO Heather

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How to Refresh your Home Without Breaking the Bank.